Did you know The following Trucking statistics !

  1.       Over 70% of freight is moved by trucks.
  2.        There are over 3,000,000  Professional truck drivers nation wide.
  3.        Estimates have it that there are over 1.2 million trucking companies in the USA Most companies have          less than 20 trucks 
  4.        Over 15 million trucks operate in the USA out of which approximately 2 million are tractor trailers
  5.        Canada has in excess of 250 thousand truck drivers.
  6.        The trucking industry estimates that it employs about 9 million people.
  7.        Trucking Industry estimates it produces $255 Billion dollars, common carriers generated $100                      billion,while private fleets generated $120 billion  
  8.        Average cost per mile is $1.73 or $83 per hour
  9.        Fuel it is estimated that we use up as much as 54 billion gallons to run our trucks per year
  10.        Road Taxes ! we  the truckers pay $37.5 Billion in federal and state road taxes.
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