We believe in the right of every long-haul Truck Driver to have the right to a great life, on the job and off the job.

Why we do this?

We want all the long haul drivers to have a great bed to crawl into when fatigue sets in.

We want them to look forward to resting, so that they can be more alert behind the wheel, so that they can come back to their loved ones over and over again.

We want them to have their own space and love being there, we want the cab interior to look clean and together,so that drivers are more apt to have a great feeling about their sleeping quarters.

Because we want them to have a chance at all that , we decided to make a great set of sheets,that are shrink proof,dry quick,and are affordable. Because we always have the driver in mind we inserted 2 pockets on each side in order to allow for some extra storage space in that tight cabin.

Our mattresses are very comfortable and easy to assemble.  




We hope you Believe us and are willing to try our products.