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From Jake's Cab Solutions comes the Nap Time sheet set that includes one bottom sheet with elastic fitting and two side-pockets for convenient storage, a  top sheet and two pillow cases (20 x 30 in.). The sheets and pillowcases are made with soft-touch brushed micro-fiber material, not cotton, giving a soft "cashmere-like" feel. The fabric is extremely easy to care for and doesn't require any ironing to stay looking crisp, the company says. The sheets are said to wash with no shrinkage.

Some sets are offered by dimension while others are specifically sized for various Volvo, Freightliner, and other specific truck brands. Regardless, they're all one price, a very reasonable $35.00.

The company says its goal is to provide an affordable bedding option for truckers, one that isn't a hassle to maintain. 

"We noticed that most drivers sleep on the mattresses that come with the vehicle and some left the plastic wrapping while they slept on it," says company founder Jacob Crudo. "Some slept on sleeping bags, while others brought makeshift sheets from home, so we filled the gap."

Sheet sets can be ordered directly from the company's website for shipping across North America.

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